Crazy in Love...

Ben (Milwaukee Arborist) and Danielle (School Librarian) Brannan: best friends, love-birds, adventurers, dance-partners, old-school gangsta rappers.

Husband is planting us an apple tree!

Happy Anniversary to Ben & Danielle! Brunch @ Lake Park Bistro, a stroll to the lakefront, coffee at Alterra, Newsroom and antipasti with wine and sparkling orange juice at home… wedded bliss rules.

I heart summer! Thanks for the delicious wine, @calkennedy (is it bad to split the whole bottle in one night?)

What a most excellent year, and to end it, Ben made this a most excellent week of birthday celebrating. He’s the best. Here’s how my week went (so’s I can remember):

  • Monday - Daisies! 
  • Tuesday - Dinner on the grill
  • Wednesday - Patio drinks
  • Thursday - He cleaned the whole place
  • Friday - Dinner @ my favorite place with some of my favorite people - including Caleen! What a fabulous surprise.
  • Saturday - Beer garden, games, Camp Bar, Thai, and a relaxing evening at home
  • Sunday - Brunch with some more of my favorite people and HBO so we can watch Game of Thrones! 

I’m the luckiest gal in the world, and I’m definitely feeling the love this week. 

A coworker made this cool card & flowers from an old library book about a birthday bully.

Stamp all the books! My sister is the best. Thanks @jomoticon!

"Why don’t they just make this on Chopped?" - @benrbrannan


Aw, that husband. Kicking off birthday week!

So proud of Ben who recently learned that after 9 months of training, he took first place among the 12 trainees in the City of Milwaukee’s Forestry Department! Now he can begin his career as a super awesome arborist (tree hugger). Ben rules!